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Hello, I'm Stacey & Welcome to Living Lemon Nutrition.

I am a qualified Nutritionist dedicated to helping others achieve a healthy & balanced lifestyle.I strongly believe in food as medicine and implement this in my daily practice. Treatments are based on the latest evidence-based research and my previous clinical experience so you know you are getting the best care. All my care plans are fully tailored to clients needs; everybody is unique! Achieving balance with physical, emotional & spiritual health is important for optimal well-being & I am here to guide you. I hold a Bachelor of Health Science degree, majoring in Nutritional Medicine & am fully accredited with ANTA.

Why did I call my health practice 'Living Lemon', I hear you ask? Firstly, I love lemons - I have at least one everyday; lemon juice in a glass of water first thing in the morning, squeezed on salads and over fish. There's something special about the taste that I'm drawn to; it's palate cleansing, refreshing and beautifully detoxifying. Did you know that lemons are one of the only anionic foods on the planet?

Why is this interesting?

The liver produces huge amounts of bile, which is also anionic, as part of our metabolic processes to aid digestion. When liver function is weakened, it has to work harder to produce bile in order to digest food which puts stress on the body. By incorporating lemons into the diet, the liver doesn't have to work as hard to make bile. This aids in liver regeneration and gives it more time to rest and repair.

I am a firm believer in inner beauty and that skin is a true reflection of the way the body is functioning on the inside. Food directly influences the look of our skin; we have the ability to literally glow from the inside out. Ever looked at someone with radiant looking skin? 99% of the time it's because of their diet. I have a particular interest in skin conditions, so if you have any concerns I'd love to hear from you.

I am experienced in a wide-variety of health & lifestyle concerns and I give empowerment to my patients. You have the ability to change your health, your way of thinking & your lifestyle. You set your own goals, choose what food you eat & set your own pace. I am simply here to guide you, after all it's not about me, it's about you